Creating a research paper with statistical analysis

Unlike what many people think, creating a research paper in statistics is not easy. Most of those who do it without a proper plan end up with poor quality work. However, this should not take away your desire to be one of the best writers. You can do it as long as you adhere to the solution that has been provided in this article. Below are steps that will help you compose a winning paper and even score all the marks.

  • Create and explore the topic
    In most cases, your lecturer will not give you the topic. However, if you know the subject you want to talk about, you can formulate the topic and then read multiple books from the library, journals, get information from the internet and other reliable sources to equip yourself. People who take the initiative to carry out an exhaustive exploration normally get the best marks because they have everything to put down and more important, have a better way of defending the points. The topic you choose should be captivating in order to encourage the reader to love the rest of the content.
  • Compose your objectives and research question
    Based on the topic you have chosen, you should be able to formulate two different types of objectives, that is, the general and the specific objectives. The general one covers the wider part of the subject while the later are the most specific parts of you want to touch on.
  • Give detailed literature review
    In order to compose a good paper, you have to craft a captivating literature review. This is all about reading as many relevant books as possible and then giving the appropriate citations for every detail you give. You need to learn how to cite depending on the style of writing you are using. Therefore, in case you do not m know it; get back to your lecturer and let him or her explain to you the style. The more information you give in this section, the more marks you will attract as this is an indication that you have done the right thing.
  • Compose your methodology
    Each research paper in statistics needs to have a good methodology. This majorly involves the methods and the materials that you have used in composing your paper. Therefore, be keen to note down every method and the calculations such as the sample size in order to have a fully completed paper.
  • Explain the points and conclude
    Once you have noted down the methods, you have to give the results, explain them and then give a proper discussion. You have to ensure each explanation and the discussion made touches on a single point. In your conclusion, you have to give a general review of the entire paper.
  • Proofreading
    Simply spend a few minutes with a friend and ask him or her to read through your work and point out the mistakes. Together, you can correct them in the best way possible.

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