World Series of Boxing

WSB is a groundbreaking, one of a kind, first truly global boxing league that brings together Franchise teams from around the world to compete in five weight categories: Bantam (54kg), Light (61kg), Middle (73kg), Light Heavy (85kg), Heavy (91+kg). As well as a team competition, the series also incorporates separate Individual Championships for the best boxers in each of the five weight divisions.

Developed by AIBA, the WSB is the only pro style competition where boxers retain their Olympic eligibility.

AIBA Professional Boxing

Central to the APB programme will be an individual ranking competition consisting of three different levels with world, continental and national Rankings. Boxers will be ranked only based on their performance and will have the opportunity to climb all the way from national level to the top of the World through a clear and transparent competition.

Further down the line, APB will launch a global event where each national federation will be able to send APB boxers to represent their countries in a worldwide competition.