Tripartite Selection

After receiving final confirmation from all National Olympic Committees, AIBA is pleased to announce that a total of 19 boxers have received quota places for the Olympic Games as part of the Tripartite Selection process. Eight men and eleven women boxers have been identified according to strict criteria.

AIBA and the International Olympic Committee (IOC) sent the Qualification System to each of AIBA's National Federations and National Olympic Committees back in November 2010. Based on the Olympic Qualification System, the Tripartite Commission (AIBA and the IOC) found that only seven men boxers were eligible and qualified to receive a reserved quota place via the Tripartite Selection.

The Tripartite Selection process was as follow:

"The IOC sent application forms to IOC Selected Tripartite Eligible NOCs, around 110 of them, in order for these NOCs to apply for a Tripartite Selection place. The IOC received a total of 34 NOC application forms for men boxers and only three for women boxers by the deadline of January 2012."

Therefore there were not enough eligible boxers to select 19 from the reserved quota of places via the Tripartite Selection. As a result, the Tripartite Commission was only able to select seven men boxers from the eligible NOCs that had applied:

A. Tripartite Selection:


1. ANGOLA                Tumba Silva                                  91kg
2. DR CONGO          Meji Mwanba                                 91+kg
3. HONDURAS         Bayron Molina Figueroa              49kg
4. PANAMA                Juan Huertas                                 60kg
5. AFGHANISTAN     Ajmal Faisal                                  52kg
6. IRAQ                       Ahmed Abdulkareem Ahmed     69kg
7. MONTENEGRO    Bosko Draskovic                           81kg

In case the Tripartite Commission cannot allocate a quota, the following rule from the Olympic Qualification System shall apply:

"Any unused place within the reserved quota of places will be reallocated by the Tripartite Commission. Should the Tripartite Commission not be able to assign a place, this quota place should be allocated to the next not yet qualified best ranked athlete at the 2011 AIBA Men's World Boxing Championships, and at the 2012 Women World Boxing Championships."

Therefore, the Tripartite Commission approved the AIBA competition protocol list to identify the next best ranked boxers for one man and eleven women quota places. The continental quota allocations in each weight category were also taken into consideration.

B. Next Best Ranked Boxers:


8. CZECH REPUBLIC   Zdenek Chladek     64kg


1. MOROCCO            Mahjoub Oubtil                         60kg
2. KENYA                    Elizabeth Andiego                    75kg
3. BRAZIL                   Erica Dos Santos                     51kg
4. USA                        Quanitta Lee Underwood        60kg
5. CANADA                Mary Spencer                             75kg
6. DPR KOREA         Hye Song Kim                            51kg
7. CHINA                    Cheng Dong                               60kg
8. KAZAKHSTAN       Marina Volnova                           75kg
9. BULGARIA             Stoyka Petrova                            51kg
10. ROUMANIA          Mihaela Lucatus                        60kg
11. SWEDEN             Anna Laurell                               75kg

The competition protocol was developed based on the AIBA Technical & Competition Rules.

AIBA congratulates all boxers who qualified via this process and hopes that the NOCs and NFs that did not receive a quota through this process will now have a clearer understanding of the selection process. The Tripartite Commission finalised the list based on the Olympic Qualification System approved by the IOC Executive Board which was sent to all NOCs and NFs well in advance of the deadline.